North Merseyside Biodiversity Action Plan
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News headlines

The most recent news items appear near the top of the list. If you have any news, stories or other information of interest, please contact the North Merseyside Biodiversity Manager, or submit a news report directly from this webiste.

10th October 2012Old Rough meadow unleashed!
5th October 20125th October 2012. Chalara fraxinea in ash trees in Great Britain
21st October 2009Natural England Sefton Coast job vacancies DONT MISS YOUR CHANCE TO APPLY Deadlines 26th and 28th of October 2009
12th October 2009Calling all recorders - Review of biological recording and local record centres in the North West
19th August 2009Vacancy for an ecologist (habitats regulations assessment cooordinator) at MEAS
10th February 2009Red Squirrel Monitoring 2008
10th February 2009New Biodiversity Manager appointed at MEAS
23rd February 2009Vacancy for an Ecologist at MEAS
22nd October 2008Vacancy for a Local Biodiversity Manager at MEAS
9th July 2008Vacancy for an ecologist at MEAS
28th May 2008Merseyside Mammal Group Launch
28th May 2008Vacancy for BioBank Data Officer
20th May 2008Vacancy for Fylde Sand Dunes Project Officer
19th May 2008Volunteer orchid hunters wanted!
15th April 2008NERC biodiversity duty for Merseyside LAs
26th March 2008BioBank Training Events
21st March 2008Tell us about your Brown Hare sightings!
22nd February 2008Natural England review strategic direction
19th February 2008New Designation for the Sefton Coast
13th February 2008Liver Bats set to continue good work
29th January 2008North West Amphibians & Reptiles Conference
18th January 2008New Liverpool Allotments Group
9th January 2008Red Squirrel Monitoring results for 2007
21st December 2007Water Vole Officer Job Vacancy
13th December 2007Last ditch fight in Formby
21st November 2007Green Infrastructure Workshop a Success
22nd October 2007Merseyside BioBank Launched
25th September 2007New Sandhill Rustic Moth colony found
24th September 2007Success for St Lukes Wildlife Garden
17th September 2007Liver Bats goes full-steam ahead
13th September 2007Job Vacancy at Merseyside BioBank
28th June 2007New orchid for the Sefton Coast?
26th June 2007Wildlife Photography Exhibitions
12th June 2007Dragonfly Identification Workshop at Ainsdale
4th April 2007Action for Farmland Wildlife
2nd April 2007Sand Lizard conservation work undertaken
28th March 2007Wild Plants for Landscape and Biodiversity
28th March 2007Reptile conservation and surveying
22nd March 2007Harthill Copse Reprieved
21st March 2007The North West Lowlands Water Vole Project
15th March 2007The Dragonfly Atlas Project
2nd March 2007Possible threat to two BAP plants at Southport
15th February 2007Protocol for dealing with sick squirrels during Squirrel Pox outbreak 2006/2007
15th February 2007Action for Red Squirrels
5th February 2007Dune Wormwood
23rd January 2007Grounds Enhancement at St. Lukes, Crosby
9th January 2007New Magazine Section for Website
5th January 2007NM BAP - Five Years On
30th October 2006Bumper year for dragonflies
23rd October 2006Save Our Squirrels
13th October 2006Uncertain future for Bold Moss
12th October 2006October 2006 Newsletter Available
9th October 2006Exotic flowers on the Sefton Coast
27th September 2006New British plant on the Sefton Coast
19th September 2006Squirrel Pox found at Ainsdale
18th September 2006Magical Mosslands Appeal
15th September 2006More wild flowers found
13th September 2006Sefton Coast Plant Biodiversity
11th September 2006Colliers Moss re-wetting work July 2006
8th September 2006Status of Dune Helleborine upgraded
30th August 2006Freshfield Dune Heath reserve officially opened
20th July 2006MBG website update
19th July 2006MBG Business and Communication's Plan now available
12th July 2006New Local Biodiversity Manager appointed
30th September 2005Red Squirrel refuge launched
28th July 2004Merseyside Biobank